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Gilson info?


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Howdy All, Was up at my buddies place on the side of a mountian in West Arlington Vermont last weekend for a little fun & relaxation. His late Dad bought a 14 hp Gillson lawn tractor (he called it his "Gilly") to keep the place looking pretty a long while back. It was my job to get the Gilly going and mow the place while my other buddies got the camp all set up. Put a fresh battery in and she fired right up and ran well! Got most of the camp mowed and when I put it away for the night I noticed the starter/generator belt was a bit loose. Next day I needed to mow the road and clean up some more so I decided to tighten the belt a bit. Worked again for most of my mowing and "bang!" the belt broke and fell off. We found another spare belt and two hours later with lots of fun with the drive shaft bolts we got it changed. Next time we go up there I want to give the Gilly a good check over for the various fluid levels and such. It's kinda like my 3212H but there are some differences. I wanted to get some pics of the Gilly and the model number but some beers got in my way and I forgot :I... Anyone know where I may find a service manual for this? :D Thanks, Rick
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