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the plan

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slowly, i have been working to restore the 2012 landlord(her tractor) actually, it started out as a way to use the pile of spare parts that have accumulated under the grapefruit tree. i figured i would get the frame and front axle cleaned and painted, then start swapping parts off the LL. it would also be a good chance to experiment, like putting the thrust bearings on the front spindles(turned out to be a piece of cake) and painting the battery area with the plastic paint(no idea if that will give extra protection to that area or not) "She Who Must Be Obeyed" doesn't really want her tractor so we talked about selling it when i finish the resto. The ?unexpected discovery of-be still my heart!-a good BGB :Din the 'stuff' means i can build a whole 'nother tractor! looks like all i'm missing is the lift shaft and maybe rear tires. don't know if i'll put the 10hp i just reringed on it or get one of the spare 12s running. and i have the 2012 to sell, too. wonder if i'll get to keep the money? 'course, at the rate that i work at, it will be another 3 months before i'm ready to actually sell either one.

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