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Trail Logging Job "Cleaned Up"

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Been too wet to dig in the dirt so I took advantage of being home, without snow on the ground and wet enough to burn brush. 4 or 5 years ago I had a dozer go down my property line knocking trees, roots and all off to the side, never got it cleaned up, so I got a good start at it in a day and half between rain storms which have produced about 3 inches the past week. Couple shots of what it looks like before hand

Where the tree tops hide. As the moss has grown up into the branches most the time the front end comes up in the air, the Firestones dig like mad then here comes the tree, way too much fun with a 'garden' tractor.^

load of half a dozen or so tree tops pulled into the yard to burn

Even though I'd put a couple stumps on top of most the loads of tree tops I still hauled 5 loads of stumps out

And a gran total of 4 load of so so fire wood. was suprized how much it's rotted already

Pretty much where I left it at, not sure how I'm gonna drag the dirt and moss outta the berms back onto the trail yet.

Well, at least the stump and tree pulling part is. As I have the sickle mower on the LL I used the B-112 with my scoop on the front, sure turned out being handy as I loaded it with stumps with each pull of trees and only had 3 loads of stumps left when I got done. B-112 with load

B-112 on the trail

What was left to do Saturday evening after a 14 hour day plus about 5 hours of pulling without burning Friday night, didn't like the wind direction Friday.

Couple shot this afternoon, with all the major work done

Was gonna put the york rake on the 4040 and try pulling the berms back onto the trail but had enough 'fun' for this weekend.:D Used 3 1/2 tanks of gas in the B-112:O On and off over the past few sundays at home I got a bit more done on my property line/walking trail. Used the 4040 and the yoke rake to pull the berms down onto the trail

Most of the time hadda take sideway swipes at the piles as I couldn't raise high enough to hook the rake over them. Took the gauge wheel off for this operation.

Then I put the old tiller on the 725 and tilled it several times over. Didn't want to use my new tiller with the side and rear shields as the roots flapping around under there are REAL tough on shields. Learned that with my Troy Built years ago.:(

All tilled up for this year, hopefully will get it drug down and packed a little before freeze up

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Originally posted by MPH
Pretty much where I left it at, not sure how I'm gonna drag the dirt and moss outta the berms back onto the trail yet.
Great pics and writeup, as always, Marty! dOd Do you think you can angle your snow/dozer blade and cut small enough slices off to get it out to where you can use your belly blade to smooth it out? Or can you get behind it in the edge of the woods and push it out? Seems the biggest challenge is getting in position to work on it, without high-centering the tractor or something...

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Great pictures as usual. Is that a fire lane they cut through the timber?? It sure is beautiful country. I would like to drive around up there in the summer,it was about 60 below when I was up there not very good sight seeing weather,but still beautiful

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Thanks guys for enjoying the pics, I sure had fun doing it. Roy, think my rain must have ended, my coffee can on the picnic table was dry tonight when I got home. Problem with tring to use a blade on this spagnum moss/dirt Kent is it basicly a mass of roots, need to drag it out to the trail, let it dry out, then tear it up with the tiller, May try putting the tiller without sides on it back on the 725 and let it rip. Jim, that's trail is my west property line. My son and me blazed a trail through it one summer then the year after I had a dozer over removing stumps from my now 'west 40' and had him make one pass down the trail, will work as a fire line IF the wind ain't blowing where the fire is 'crowning' ie, jumping tree tops. Turned it into my private walking trail:) Yea Dave, those are the firestone I bought up in Dec and I love them maddly^ lawn needs stripes tonight, so I can enjoy them for a day.

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I must say that is a very impressive fire pit. Are you planning to have that full of ash by the time your clearing is done?!?:O It is always cool to see these tractors doing real work. I think I only manage to burn 1/2 a tank of gas at a time! Great pics. Matt

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