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Broadmoor seat pan cracking

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On my 717, and my 610 there are cracks near the bolts that hold down the seat pan. There isn't alot of surface area contact where the Seatpan and the transmission meet. Is there a way I can strengthen up the contact are so no cracking happens? This is the old seatpan from the 707 (replaced with a better one).

This is one Idea I thought of...

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Mark, I think your idea would work fine. But, since you have a welder, you might want to give it a try? Just a suggestion. :) I know of guys that have welded a plate behind where the crack is, and on the crack itself. Then they grind it down flat and it's as good as new. But if you want to do an overkill, you could put that plate underneath as you suggested and weld it in place. Drill through the plate where the original hole was and weld the crack itself, grind it flat, paint it. You should be good to go. Personally, I'm a perfectionist. I'd rather throw or sell the whole thing and get a good condition one and put it on. That's just me, though. :)

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    • Paul M.Murphy

      Paul M.Murphy

      Hello glad I got on this site. I hope to upload a couple of photos of my Simplicity Broadmoor 
      Model 707 Tractor. I have replaced all the belts on it and installed a new ignition switch.
      Have a mower deck which was in poor shape , repaced a couple of bushings and welded the
      deck where there was some holes. The tractor and mower deck came from a friend and the 
      mower deck metal was getting pretty thin. Some new metal was put in it and we also undercoated the underside of the deck. This was done by my friend Greg Toulman.
      I have not put the mower deck on the tractor yet, waiting for Greg to come home and give me a hand. Can you please tell me if there is a manual for the mower deck and where I could get one.
      I would also like to get some moon wheel discs as well.
      I will try and down load some photos of the tractor when my wife shows me how to. 
      I really love driving this tractor and also how well it is made compare today's tractors, especially the flexible rear end and the rollers.
      Tell the next time 
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      jbrooks  »  Talntedmrgreen

      folowing  this from a link at the downloads.  I just rescued an AC 920 with the lambodini diesel. I can' t download  yet .  Where did you find the PDF copy you posted. . I would like to figure out how to adjust the injection pump. 
      I assume it's a bosche, correct
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