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This morning I went and picked up a new to me tractor. I talked to the guy a couple months ago about it and he said it was a B-12. He said he also had a B-10. Well I finally got together with him and pulled this out of the horse weeds.

Of course it is a B-112. Cool for me, I wanted to add something different. I also got a parts deck, and I mean parts!

The deck has led a rough life.sm00 I really don't understand what had been welded on the front top. you can see the leftover welds in the above picture. Also how about the torch hacked right hand discharge? Has anyone ever seen this??

I spent a few hours with him looking around in the weeds and sheds for another deck he is sure he has. It is mine if he ever finds it, I also need to get back later and get the other tractor, it is I think a B-210. It is in many pieces.:( As it was the hood for the 112 was leaning against a tree fifty yards away, notice the dirt on the front. Here is a picture of the blade.

I am pretty happy, all the rusty stuff you see here for $200. I haven't had the chance to buy anything like this for a while, so I was excited when I saw yellow! Now, to get this going and sell the Sears ST-16 I am currently hacking the grass with.;)
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