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Jonny's B-207 project


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This is my B-207 before restoration. I bought it in Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. It took almost a year to complete, but that was along with other projects.
Here are some pics of the restoration in progress.
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-9-1-06 020.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-1-06 001.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-9-1-06 022.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-6-07 001.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-7-23-07 001.jpg[/img]
Had to take the motor out of this Bolens for the 207
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-6-29-07 012.jpg[/img]
Here are the finished pics
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-19-07 001.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-28-07 B-207 022.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-28-07 B-207 020.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-28-07 B-207 019.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-28-07 B-207 017.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-28-07 B-207 018.jpg[/img]
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I thirteenth? it. Great restoration and that last pic does look like a brochure pic. I only hope mine project comes out that nice and I can do a great pic like that.
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Thanks for all of the compliments. The tractor turned out very well, as you can see. As for the photography, it is one of my hobbies. I have been at it for years.
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