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Jonny's early B-10 project


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I bought this in September of last year. I took me eight months to restore. There are new tires, new chrome, a new seat, and some engine work. I also restored the grader blade that is on it.
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-9-24-06 003.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-10-16-06 011.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-11-10-06 008.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-6-07 002.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-27-07 002.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-25-07 005.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-6-29-07 001.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-28-07 B-207 014.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-28-07 B-207 011.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-8-28-07 B-207 010.jpg[/img]
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Thanks everybody. I bought the dual spacers at the Portland, IN show. They went to something else, but they are the same as what AC made. And yes, that is a 10 inch pulley. It makes it go a little slower, but it is good for pulling.
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