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Tiller for B110

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Dennis, This is just MY experience shopping for a tiller over a year ago in New England. Well-used tillers with very worn tines and questionable service life remaining, were about $75 - $150. The cheaper ones were probably more suitable for parts, the more expensive ones were usable. This does not include the tiller drive (rear PTO) which was another $50 - $75. Tillers in good shape were $200 - $300, again, not including the drive. Note that these are not "good deals" but more of a "fair market value" kind of pricing. Bottom line was to expect to spend between $250 and $325 for a good, complete tiller with drive that you could stick on the tractor and use immediately. I didn't pay these going prices -- I waited for my "good deal" and jumped on it... Central New England prices, and my experience -- other locations and other experiences will vary. Kent

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