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Christmas and projects

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Well I got some cool AC stuff for Christmas; an AC lantern, toy tractor and an orignal Allis garden tractor ad. The ad even has a cadillac ad on the back. I like them old cadillacs.
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 009.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 010.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 012.jpg[/img]
I also got my sickel bar done this past week
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-9-07-912h 009.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 005.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 006.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 007.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 011.jpg[/img]
I got lucky with the decals I just taped them off.
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 014.jpg[/img]
I got my Big Ten ready for the snow.
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 001.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 002.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 003.jpg[/img]
I also got some chains for the B-212
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 016.jpg[/img]
And as far as the farm work the D-21 has problems with the rear end.
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-12-29 -07christmas 008.jpg[/img]

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The toy tractor is a 160 from the Orange Spectacular Show. And, I did end up selling the old '77 Cadillac. Here is a picture of it the day I sold it.
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-11-6-07 036.jpg[/img]

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