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Nebr Harrow Assembly

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Decided to get this iron back together. Pretty sure this thing musta been pulled by horses the first years of it's life, most of the sq. nuts weren't the same size on both sides. 9/16 fits one way, not the other. Haven't seen that since I tore apart a bunch of old horse drawn equip for welding iron when I was in high school. Decided to skip painting as my leanto is too much of a disorganized mess to heat up and paint in. This is what I brought in

One bar was missing 15 inches

So I made a 15 inch extension out of 3/16 x 3/4 flat stock, welded a 4 inch piece inside to secure the two parts better then a butt weld.

At least on this one I had the piece and just welded it back on, with a strap inside. On the missing piece I lost two spike holders and the angle adjusting link, gonna be a hard piece to make as the oem ones were cast.

Haven't gotten ahold of Pacific Ag yet to try to get new spikes, hopefully Monday. Don't see 1/2 inch diamond shaped listed, which is best I can figure the oem's were. Have 3, 1/2 in sq mixed in now and 3 different styles of holders/clamps. Also replaced the 5/16 bolts that were in the adjusting connectors with 3/8, which fit the holes perfect and took a lot of slop out of that joint. This one been around awhile.

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