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New Brinly Towed sweeper

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I bought a new Brinly Towed lawn sweeper today. I had read some very good reviews about their performance with the 6 brush system. The only negative thing I read was that they were a bear to put together. When I got home and opened the carton I was a bit intimidated by all the parts as I really wanted to get it together quickly so I could do some sweeping tomorrow. I just hate sorting through all the bags of varying sizes of nuts and bolts you typically get with anything that requires "some" assembly. However I was soon pleasantly surprised that all the nuts, bolts, washers, springs, pins, hairpins, and small parts were all neatly carded, labeled and grouped and arranged on one single blister packed card. As I proceeded through the assembly step by step all I had to do is peel back the plastic and the appropriate parts were right at hand. I was able to assemble most of it by just looking at the pictures and assembling with the hardware on the card. None of the hunting for loose bolts and wondering if this is the bolt they intended you to use. It took we about an hour to put it together only because I was working in the dark and could have had another set of hands to help assemble the catcher assembly. I don't know if Brinly redesigned their packaging and instruction, but I found assembly to be much easier than most.

Unfortunately I got a late start after supper and did not get it assembled until it was too late to be running the tractor around the yard. I did however pull it by hand for about 15 feet and was quite impressed with the quick and clean sweeping action. My yard is just begging to be swept as I have two red oaks continually showering me with blessing of leaves the whole year round.

I have been mulching them then bagging but years of leftover leaf litter has really taken a toll on my yard. I am thinking of taking off early tomorrow so I can get home in time to do some sweeping. I will be reporting on my maiden run tomorrow provided I can drag myself away from the salt mine.

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Congradulations. I picked a sears sweeper several years back mainly for picking up spruce tree cones. it was used once and the owner said it wouldn't work on his uneven yard so I got it for 100 bucks. Will agree, on uneven lawn the wheels will slide along if it gets 'high centered' so to say, but pretty happy with it. Wheels will also slide if you set too low when it is empty, once it gets about about half full I have set it low enough to pick 3/4 minus gravel outta the lawn in the spring before it started growing. Think mine only has 4 brushes but looks about the same. Hope you enjoy your new toy, oops, tool.

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I need something really bad to pick up sweet gum balls-most of my trees on the property drop these infernal things. First spring mowing is like a machine gun attack. Any guessess if this sweeper would do the trick? Brent

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Hi i have the older model brinley sweeper, the only problem I had was when it was new the rubber kept coming off the wheels. I emailed brinley they acknowledged the problem and new wheels were sent, haven't had any problems since, great company that backs it;s products.

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I got my first chance to try out my new sweeper today and for the first time in years my entire yard has been "raked". I took off at noon today and hurried home to try out my new Brinly lawn sweeper. When I got to the house my neighbor was out raking his leaves so I started with his yard and removed 48 bushels of mulched leaves. I left him smiling and shaking his head in disbelief. I lost track of how many trips I made to the compost pile to dump but I believe I removed 120 bushels of uncut leaves from my yard. I had windrows so high I had to make multiple runs on the highest setting before I could lower it down to get close to the ground. All in all it did a very respectable job though I had to stop and rake leaves out of low spots and hollows on uneven ground. Honestly it doesn't sweep as clean as a Leaf rake but it sweeps clean enough that I will never pick up another yard broom again unless to pull leaves out from around the house and bushes so that I can pick it up with the Brinly. I really had a blast watching the action of the brushes propelling leaves, twigs, small sticks, pine cones, chunks of bark, and rocks into the 12 bushel hopper. It was all very animated. I even took it out the the street's edge and swept all the leaves, long accumulating in the gutter. I only ran over the dump cord twice bringing the whole process to a screeching halt. As I was rolling along it brought back memories of my grade school days watching my dad bailing alfalfa with an AC Rotobailer or someone cutting silage with a "cut and throw". I'm the Oliver Douglas of Shamrock Gardens.

With the hopper tipped up the Lawn Sweeper even has a passing resemblance to the ole Rotobailer. It would be nice if the brushes had a cut off lever to allow freewheeling when pulling down off the unloading pile. It would also be nice to have guards around the drive wheels to keep from hooking a wheel on a gate post or something, though I did not experience any such mishap.

I can tell you that it is everything I was hoping for.

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When I was a little guy too short to reach the pedal on our B110 my brothers would mow then dad put me on a jd with a hydro that he had taken in trade pulling our lawn sweeper behind them. I had a ball as I recall thinking I was a big guy realy helping out.

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