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Magnetron Ignition for Briggs Engines

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This is for those of you who were interested in converting to the Magnetron ignitions system for Briggs engines. Installing Magnetron eliminates points and condensors, and all the fun and games that go with them. I recently converted my 16 Hp. 320,000 series Briggs from points to Magnetron. I am sure that any good Briggs dealer can walk you thru this but I got all my parts and information from the following source. Precise Engine Repair Inc. Yakima, Washington 98908-8854. Phone # is 509/678/4379. Fax 509/678/5611 Email Preciseenginerepair.com The part number for my 16 Hp was Briggs#398811. Name of part was Armature-Mag B&S. If your engine is below a certain serial number you will have to have the flywheel repolarized. This is a simple job that can be done by any good magneto shop. This cost me $5.00 at a local mag shop.The conversion electrical part was about $32.00. I have never been so pleased with the ease of installation, utter simplicity, and how well my engine starts and runs now. Hope this helps!!! Jim Bute

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