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The Sky Isn’t Falling

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A few years ago an email was circulated warning that the federal government was about to impose a tax on email. That was a HOAX. A similar email is again circulating (with an attachment) asking you to contact your congressman and senator to vote no on Bill 602P. Before you waste your time and embarrass yourself, learn the facts. The hysterical fools who are forwarding this email apparently don’t know that federal bills introduced in the Senate end with an “S” and bills introduced in the House end with an “HR.” There is no Bill 602P. The “P” stands for PRANK. This rumor is *** A HOAX *** IT ISN’T TRUE *** THE SKY IS NOT FALLING *** >>> SERIOUS WARNING <<< If you don’t know how to safely handle unsolicited emails with attachments, just delete the email without opening it. It could contain a virus that could harm your computer.

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