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REPOST 7: Wanted/For Sale Ads - Rules/Info


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Wanted/For Sale Ads
(46/M/North Brookfield, MA)
Dec 15 1998
9:35PM EST

Some general housekeeping guidelines for using this forum, plus how to sell or buy items:

1. Put FOR SALE or WANTED as the first word(s) in your message, as applies. For example:
FOR SALE: Gold-plated B-1 w/o engine -- or,
WANTED: All-weather, heated cab for B212

2. Picture ads are welcome. If you want to put a picture with your ad, e-mail me with the picture attached and I will place
the picture on the other server (Yahoo doesn't allow it) and provide you the address and you can link to it, using the links
function on the left...

3. If you want to conduct "private negotiations" with the individual who listed the item, click on their name and send them
an E-mail, and don't post a message to the group.

4. No commercial advertisements nor "spamming" are allowed on this Yahoo-hosted forum. However, I've invited three
new/used dealers whom I've found to be very helpful to join the group. They are welcome to respond to any messages,
or place individual messages for used items that are for sale -- please no "bulk listings." Instead, feel free to link to your
own web site if you have one. Note that I've already linked to some....

5. Individuals are encouraged to add links to their own home pages, or to those that they've found helpful.... If you do not
have a home page, but would like to post a picture(s) and information about your tractor, E-mail them to me and I'll place
them on the other site and link to them. They'll automatically be included in the Owners Gallery when that's publicly

6. This forum and the "website to be" operate on the HONOR PRINCIPLE. While we take no responsibility for any
transaction that might take place, nor guarantee the accuracy of ANY information found here, we expect everyone to
"treat others as they'd like to be treated."

7. Participate, spread "the word" and enjoy!
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