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707 lo gear "skips"


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Hi folks. Finally got enough snow to try the snow plow. Lots of fun!!! However, it has brought to the surface an issue. In low gear, it seems to skip, like teeth are missing. Does not always do it. I thought it only did it in lo-lo, but it also does it in hi-lo. Any pointers? Thanks Rick
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Hi. One of the other posts on here was in search of repair manuals for the large frame tractors. I downloaded them and am very glad I did. They will be great for my 7016h. Are there manuals like that avaliable for my 'lil 707? I might could figure out my tranny quandry on my own, or at least be able to speak a little more intelligently about it:) Appreciate the help. Rick
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Hi I figured it out this afternoon. While rolling the yard, I discovered that I was not seating the shifter correctly into low gear. It doesn't skip a beat when it is in right. Lo-low is real low too.... After rolling the yard, I put the deck on and cut some of the tall spots! I'm in love! Rick
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