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What's it worth? Simplicity 9020 Power Max


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I stopped at a local flea market/antique shop today a ways off the beaten path because I saw some old lawn tractors mixed in among the junk outside. Parked off to the side hidden by all sorts of crap was a Simplicity 9020 Power Max that looked to be in reletively decent shape. I would guess upon visual inspection that it definitely was operable. The place was closed, but I have the phone number. I really don't know squat about these. Are they good machines? Worth anything? What would I expect to pay (price range) for one? It did not appear that there were any implements in the immediate area. Thanks in advance for any info. Matt
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Are they worth anything? Yes. The fact that it's a 9020 is an indication that it's at least a somewhat late enough model to be equipped with most of the normal modern features. However there are many things just like any other object that will have a factor on what it may be worth. If you can find out if it runs and drives, and any pictures would be a big help. A junk, parts tractor 500.00 up to a working, in good shape tractor, starting around 1000.00 to 1500.00 for just the tractor are starting speculations.
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