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Drivehsaft Identification


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Does anyone recognize this? I'm trying to figure out what attachment it is for or what tractor its used on, Its either for a powermax or an AC 5020 or Simplicity 9518 compact but not sure which. Went through all the parts books but didn't see it.

Marked with AC part # 2029387 which crosses to Simplicity 176046 = 1665280SM "Rear PTO Shaft" Thanks in advance. -Chris
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That is what it is, runs from the engine to the rear end with a clutch on the big end. Powermax. On page 28 it is part # 14 in this manual; http://www.simplicitymfg.com/document/index.cfm?doc=TP_400_3506_00_XX_S_LO.pdf
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Hi Chris, This looks like the shaft I need to replace on my 1973 powermax. I have a add in the parts wanted section. Please let me know if this is available? Thanks for your time John Walker PH 970- 379-7598
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