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Snowblower auger


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I have noticed that the older types of snow blowers have a smooth, solid auger section vs. the newer types that almost all have teeth of some variation and are somewhat open. I suppose the teeth are to chew the ice up from banks, but is the open auger center supposed to serve a purpose or is it simply a material savings? Has anyone tried adapting a teeth variation to a solid tractor-mounted blower?
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Most of the ones that I've seen teeth on are 2-stage snowblowers, instead of single-stage snowthrowers like the oldies used. With the 2-stage, all it does is chop the snow/ice and pull it in so the impeller can grab it and throw it out. With the single-stage, one single rotation of the impeller must do both -- pull it in and throw it out. Consequently they have solid centers and closer tolerances between the impeller and the housing... Are you sure you're looking at single-stage machines? I had an old MTD single-stage walk-behind in Utah years ago (my first snowblower, until I learned better! :p ) that had open-centered auger, but it also had "seals" made of rubber mats on each impeller blade that swept against the inside of the housing. It worked fine in Utah powder, and actually cleared the concrete driveway down clean to the pavement, a real plus, but when I moved east, I found it was useless in heavier, wetter snow...
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