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kt17 II points


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Well first posting in over a year. I've been gathering my simple gear to put together a 7117 and now I have mounted a bolen kt17 in the frame and got it to fire up but a couple of problems. 1)I found points corroded cleaned with very fine emery cloth left cover off while running and noticed spark jumping all over not just at contact points. 2)Also noticed oil pooling right beside the area of the points unsure of were its coming from looks like it came from the screw hole for the points cover. 3)The most alarming is a high pitched squeal sounds like it might be the flywheel rubbing the cooling shroud but unsure. I just don't want to hurt the engine it came from a guy who's tranny locked up and snaped the drive shaft right at the flywheel and the engine has been sitting up for a year or so after cleaning the points, fresh plugs and fuel it fired right up a little smoke but only ran it for five minutes or so. It idled okay I looked for the post on what to do for a engine that has been sitting up but did not locate it. Just to let you guys know I was lucky enough to find this club and for the ones who think the dues are to high or not right should try and get any of this knowledge else where and see how far they get. Well let me get off my soap box and say Thank You again for letting me be a member. By the way any help would be great. Thanks Tim
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Tim, if you see sparks around the points. My guess is the condenser is shot. Put in a new condenser, but one for that engine, the wrong sized condenser will burn the points quickly. I do believe the points cover threaded holes do go all the way through the block so oil could come up out of them. I think you are right on about the squeal, the flywheel touching some shrouding does put out a that kind of sound.
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