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K341 Spark Plugs


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I do have the answer for that plug # yes it will work, but I don't care for the nkg brand of plugs my self. I have changed my plugs to the E3 brand and love them. life time guarantee. used them in everything car, tractor's, chain saws, push mowers and weed eater's. one of my b10 early tractors use to foul after a short time witch I would have to clean every time I tried to run it as well as add about 3/4 quart of oil to a gal of gas. plug # champion j8c = E3.10. well long story short, switched to E3 plug in this tractor a year a go and has started every time I tried so far so I switched to these plugs. things start better I just like this plug. you can buy at part stores and Menards, ect. there web site is www.e3sparkplugs.com take a look for your self also for the smaller engines like a older 1/2 - 12 hp verticals that use a champion cj8 your E3 plug # is E3.12 well good luck and have a good day. Nate
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stop I missed read your post. I saw a 16 hp thought Briggs and missed read your NKG plug #, so sorry I don't have that # cross in front of me. do you have the old one you should be able to size it up side by side to see if it's long enough and correct pitch of threads or screw it in by hand it should go easy until you bottom out
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