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Landlord 101 Steering Gear


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My steering gear at the lower end of the shaft was rusted. I turned the wheel trying to free it; now the steering wheel and shaft just spin. How do I get to the lower end of the steering shaft on this model? Thanks, Jim
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It sounds like you broke the small gear shaft or sheared the key ways to the large or small gear. Another possibility is that you sheared a bolt in the universal block that ties the steering column to the small steering gear. Remove both gears from the tractor with their mounting plate (your 101 may have the one piece block that houses both gears or two seperate blocks that hold each gear individually) and the pitman arm from the bottom of the large gear that connects to the steering drag link on the left side of the tractor. These are the two pieces that you need to remove and inspect for damage. The small gear is on a shaft and it's possible if you put too much pressure on this that the key way sheared. At any rate.....something was obviously siezed and when you broke it loose, you actually broke something. Here is a diagram of the two pieces you need to remove for inspection and repairs. Be aware....the small gear assy is still available, but it's 96 bucks at my local Simp Dealer. 2 piece block steering diagram:

1 piece block steering diagram:

You can get the full operators manual here: http://www.simplicitymfg.com/manuals/index.cfm?rd=1 Let us know what you find out!! The model number of your 101 is "990350." If the link I posted doesn't reflect that model number then put that model number in the space provided to get the manual for your 101.
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Wow, thank-you so much for your detailed reply Zippo!! I will start the disassembly as firrfoxz1 suggested and let you both know what I come up with. I am humbled by your quick replies! Thanks for your help. Jimmy Q
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