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Nanco Ag-tires


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WoW thanks for all this great info on tires... I have a question about Nanco Ag's I did find some on ebay and they are cheeper than the Carlisles. Any body have any problem with them .. Also is there anyone that has a picture on here of them mounted up on some rims to see the actual size with air in them. They look realy small off rims. The size Im looking for is 23x10.5-12 Any help would be great thanks
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They run quite a bit smaller and are really noticeable. I bought a set had them mounted at a local tire store. Wasn`t happy with the way they looked and had them dismounted and returned them to the place that I bought them. It is well worth the extra money to buy the Carlisle tires. I bought 10.50 widths and they looked like 8.50 width tires.
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I have a set of 23x10.5x12 Nankang tires that look almost identical to Carlisle superlugs. Not sure if Nankang and Nanco are made by the same company.
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