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Loader Front Mount Fabrication


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Finally getting to mount my L-10 Loader on the B-110. The previous owner cut of the original mounting tabs or fingers that slide under the grill area. I have made the spacers and plate to replicate the original mount. Started to make a new tab plate to bolt or weld to the frame where the original was. But during fit-up it looks like the original design would limit the pivot action of the front axle. Anyone with an L-10 want to confirm? Since I need to fab up something I was thinking of making it like the L-12 mount (pictured here from Kent's dimension article).
It seems this would allow the axle to pivot. Does anyone have a L-12 off the tractor that could get me some sizes/dimensions. Thru hole size, plate size etc? Also the mount that is on the pivot bolt. It looks from the parts lists that there is a shoulder that fits the thru hole on the frame. Sizes on that would be really helpful also. Thanks
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Thanks Matt but I have a loader manual for both the L-10 and L-12. This is what the Previous Owner cut off.
I guess I'll pick a likely size bar for the mount and cardboard to fab a pattern for the bracket
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