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Tractor Rear Mounted Tillers---- Front Mounted???


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I have seen the rear mounted tillers. Has anyone made or seen a front mounted tiller??? Looks like they would be handy for getting in a close space. Maybe one needs to be made....
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Never seen one on a "traditional tractor" though they're available for PowerTracs (below), skidsteers and mini-skidsteers like Toro Dingos. Part of the problem, I think, is how do you power it? It would take a right-angle gearbox, a snowblower drive setup or something similar to change the engine rotation 90-degrees on a large-frame tractor. In this case, it appears that a vertical-shaft tractor may have the advantage, since you simply twist the belt 90 degrees.
If you were willing to pay the $$, something like this would work well, since it is hydraulically driven and reversible. http://www.smallenginewarehouse.com/product.asp?PN=TILL-MTD-190-825-R&desc=MTD%20Tiller%20%2030"%20Hydraulic%20Drive%20Dual%20Direction%20Tiller%20made%20for%20most%20MTD%20"800"%20series%20after%201999,%20MTD%20#190-825
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Originally posted by Zach
If you mounted a tiller on the front would it be used with the tractor going forward or reverse?
From reports of those using them with the Power Trac, you usually make two passes. First, till going forward, then till backing up to till out your tracks. These two passes typically let you till as deep it as it'll go...
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I have been thinking about mounting a tiller on the front of one of my Sunstars since it has PTO on the front and hydraulics.Also another possibility would be a Sears tiller with the 2 speed and Reverse that has its own engine.
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