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4111 restoration almost complete


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I've been a member since 2003 and read the forum for about a year and a half before that. I don't post much because I get more from listening and reading than conversing. Anyway, my first tractor was a Simplicity 4111 Regent f.o.r.d. (found on roadside dead). I moved it around to several places of residence for about 4 years, then it just sat here in AZ for the last 2 years. I finally got tired of tripping over it or moving it because it was in the way so last October I decided it was time restore one (I own 4 Simp/AC tractors now). It's almost finished, so in order to remain a member in good standing I thought I had better show the fruits of my labors. This is what I started with. It had been re-powered by the PO with a Briggs 12hp. Sometime later it broke the connecting rod. That's when it went f.o.r.d.

From this site I learned the value of taking lots and lots of pictures before and during tear down.

After cleaning, prepping,and painting it was time to start assembly.

I re-powered it with a Honda 13hp (long story I'll tell it some time). br]

I also changed the front wheels by adding ball bearing hubs and doing the thrust bearing mod to the front spindles. [

Not quite finished, put it to work to find what wasn't done right and what needed to be readjusted.

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those front tires look good. so what is it that your missing, grill and shifter plastic. and it looks better as a AC. witch engine did you decide to go with. good job. so what next?
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Thanks for all the kind words. To answer all the questions: Nate: I have the shifter plastic cover I just need to install it; the grill is pretty bad, it's broken and I haven't figured out how to fix it and make it look decent. I'm actively looking for a good used one so if anyone knows where I can get one please let me know. The engine is a Honda GXV390DET3, that I got from Jack's Small Engines. So far I really like it, very minimal mods to the wiring and throttle cable. Everything else was a bolt in direct swap. What' next? I have an AC 620 that needs some cosmetic work and some wiring/electrical work, then it's on to an AC 312 that needs a lot of work. It runs...but needs work. Time1992: I did the paint myself, I'm not a painter and I used the Nasson (Dupont) base coat/ clear coat system. Boy is that stuff neat. It's pricey but if it holds up like I was told it would it will be worth it. CVans: see the answer to Nates question. DMedal: The hubs and wheels came from BMI Karts. http://www.bmikarts.com/shop/?shop=1&cat=172 for the hubs and http://www.bmikarts.com/shop/?cart=1680060&cat=195& for the wheels The hubs are part #800311 and the wheels are part # 262005. These are split rims(2 piece) and need to have tubes in them. Super easy to mount with the smaller tires. They came with all the nuts and bolts and the hubs have neat little 3/8 fine thread taper seat lug nuts and the bearings are sealed. The hubs can ordered with 3/4 in bearings (no extra charge) that fit the stock spindles for most of our tractors. They also have spacers (you need to order these as well)that you can use to adjust your track width on the front axle and because the bearing spacing of the hub is narrower than the original wheel they fill the space as well. I changed the wheel bolts to Allen head bolts because I had some racing wheels that used them and I liked the look. Mike
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Nice Job! I used the Dupont Nason on the IB I just restored. That is a nice paint. I painted my Model B tractor with Dupont Dulux which the Nason replaced. Its been 7 years since I painted the B, and it still shines nice. Hopefully the Nason is just as good. If so, it should stick around for a long time. Your tractor looks great! SteveinNJ
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