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Duel wheels


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you might be able to get some at the cub cadet dealer? I just made a set with my dad when we built the extensions. took 1/2" hex bar stock set in the lath drilled and taped 7/16th fine in the hex stock grabbed 7/16th ready rod and cut to length. note red thread locker in side the hole other wise you will never get it to set right and you push it out the other side. good luck.
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I need to post a picture of my setup. I found a set (4 of them actually) of weights that are solid steel and 1&1/2" in thickness. Approximate weight of 70# each. They fit the inside the outer flange exactly. They were obviously machined by someone with a lot of skill as they look like they were laser cut. No cut marks on the perimiter at all. They have 4 bolt holes that match the square cutouts in the rim and when installed it is possible to use them as an extension. Have yet to do it but a guy I know did to see if it would work. Yup! I doubt that I will ever use the but it would be quite a setup.. 2 sets of loaded tires at approximately 120# each set and two sets ot wheel weights at approximately 140# each set.. So I'd have about 600# of rear weight on my 7116H... Add in my 280# and it gets real interesting.. 880# Hmmm sounds like a good way to do some serious damage to the rear end of my tractor...OO I'll get some pictures this afternoon and post them.
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