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I hate to ask this, but


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I have had no problem selling the newer model tillers (complete with idlers and belt) in the $200 range in only average cosmetic condition. But $225 seems to be the price point (at least until the next nice weekend).:) Apples and oranges I know, but it might help. Keep in mind that I have a couple of sets of pulleys for the B-series in case you come across a tiller that is missing them....
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the last 2 I bought for my famliy. one with tractor and one with out. $100.00 2 years a go with out tractor and about 3 months later the one with, was a b-10 late $350.00 running. just cleaned the carb and sent it a way.
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Randy, I bought a decent used one last summer for $100.00. It came with the PTO which is the important part but, I had to buy new belts, (Simplicity), the 3" pulley for the BGB and had to make a belt guard for the bgb pulley. I would not let this set-up go for under $200.00, if I was gona sell, which I am not right now. These thing's are hard to come by in my area so, what I paid and what I got into it is about right. My 2 cents
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