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lawn revitalizer info


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can someone post a owners manual for a rear lawn revitalizer. and pics ?. and do they work decent ?. i would search myself but i have yet to get the promblem fixed with the threat pop-up on the simple main page.
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Perry, I had one and did a full restore. It worked ok. It does a great job dethatching and cutting grooves in the grass, but in my opinion, kind of a pain in the dupa. I would do my entire lawn, then would have to go back over it with the mower deck and vacuum to suck up all the thatch (and there is a lot). Then, I would have to take the time to overseed. In principle, overseeding is great, but in practicality, my yard was too big to keep the whole thing moist so that the seeds can germinate. So in essence, I would have to revitalize a section, mow the same section, then overseed the section and water. On a 3/4 acre lot, I would reasonably have to do it in a minimum of 4 different sections. A pain in the dupa. The other option I guess would be to invest in a huge network of hoses and sprinklers. The machine itself works great, but I question the necessity. I sold mine for a very good price instead.
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