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HELLO! I have B210 and I recently bought a tiller for it. I don't think that I have all the pulleys for it. can someone send some pics of the pulleys needed and where to buy them? THANKS....THANKS FOR EVERYONE'S HELP.I HAVE THE NEWER STYLE TILLER AND THANKS TO YOUR PICS I KNOW WHAT I NEED...
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this is how it looks hooked up

and this is the parts needed


10" big 5" small

this is the set up you need for your tractor I have seen other set up's but this is the original set up for the b series. good luck and hope this helps.
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I have seen 2 styles of tillers with B-Series tractors, a 32" and a 36". The one Nate posted above is the 32" model, it is the most common and is the earlier style. I have also seen this 36" style with some B-Series tractors:

The 36" has the enagagment handle on the tiller itself rather than on the intermediate assembly like the 32" uses. If you have the newer style the parts should still be available new from Simplicity(but pricey) if you have the earlier one you'll need to post to the classifieds or watch ebay for used ones, most new parts for the drive pulleys are NLA.
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Old style 2 belt drive

New style 36" with clutch

Comparison between old and new.

New style idler hitch

New style belt routing 36" with/with out clutch

The new style was introduced for use with 36" tiller with built in clutch on the B-210 B-212 3012 3112 3212 series tractors and is used with the new tractors with a cone clutch on the PTO and other tillers with out a built in clutch.
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thanks maynard that's going to help me out on the one my bro just bought. now I don't have to look threw all my books to find.
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