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HB-112 with L-12 Loader project

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Well I've been working on this all winter and finaly got it done. I picked up the HB in late-summer last year and the Simplicity loader in the fall. I gave $200 for the HB. It was a pretty straight tractor, just needed some TLC. I had to do a lot of work to the loader. Mainly the bucket and arms. The loader did work when I got it. I was very lucky to find it. A big thanks to John J. for that.
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 027.jpg[/img]
This is the HB-112 when I got it
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-findlay7-31-08 057.JPG[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 033.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 035.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 045.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 050.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 072.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-2-8-09 001.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 052.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 066.jpg[/img]
This is the loader after I picked it up
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 002.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 001.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 007.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 024.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 027.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-1-3-09 029.jpg[/img]
I had to make the wieght box up
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 006.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 007.jpg[/img]
Time to sand blast!!
[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 040.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 041.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 044.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 047.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 048.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 058.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 073.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 081.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 097.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 099.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-3-30-09 104.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 010.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 015.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 018.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 020.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 021.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 022.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 023.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 024.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 026.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 027.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 029.jpg[/img]

[img]/club2/attach/Jonnysac/mini-4-11-09 033.jpg[/img]

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That definitely deserves 2 thumbs up. I got a chuckle out the fact that you painted your red loader yellow and I had my yellow loader painted red. What size are your ag's?? I see you have a set of the solid center rims and was curious on the tire size for future reference as I have set of those rims just waiting for ag's. Keep up the good work!

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