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MOLES!!!! Dont Kill em this way!

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I got moles!!!! Already put down about a pound of mole poison, still got moles. All this reminds me of a family secret that I just learned. My Dad passed away in 02, he was a pretty good farmer, farmed over a thousand acres when he retired in 89. I would be a farmer too except that in order to be a farmer somebody has to give you something and that wasn't going to happen with me, anyway Dad was a very loyal John Deere man, 4450, 4440, 4030, 3010 and all Deere equipent except for Massey combines 760, 750, 510. My mom just traded the JD garden tractor for a new one, which is how I learned the family secret. Dad mysteriously traded garden tractors about 15 years ago. He had a big mole problem, evidently he had the bright idea of killing the moles with the exhaust from the garden tractor, messed up the engine. He was too embarrased to tell anybody. What kind of damage can a restricted exhaust cause??? Is it more likely to happen as John Deere runs those quiet Kohlers???

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