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Blitz Fogger info needed please.

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Hello First I would like to thank every one for the responses to my last post. As stated in my last post I have two London mosquito thermal foggers...one becoming an engine only for a 7010. I would like to know how the blitz fogger is set up what is there between the tank and the muffler. I'm having a party in a couple of weeks and would like to fog my yard before that time, in a safe way. If any one could recommend a good brand of insecticide. The foggers that that I have seen work by sucking the fluid through a filter then to a resiviur then the fluid gets sucked in to a large preheating chamber where the fluid is heated through friction plates to @200-250 degrees F. there it is then injected in to a special muffler where the fluid is finally fogged. BTW the fluid is a mixture of Diesel fuel and insecticide. Did the Blitz fogger have any of this or was it mearly allowed to drip directly into the muffler, also how did one calibrate the unit or was this in the days before calibration was a concern? Thanks in advance for any info, john PS. A copy of an instruction manual would be great too.

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