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Alternator wiring ?

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I'm sure this has been answered many times on this forum, but my 'searches' keep timing out, so please bear with me. I was not successful in rebuilding the 16hp Briggs twin in my A/C 616 'special' (Simplicity 5116)...so I just decided to pop in a good single-cylinder 11hp Briggs I had laying about. I really only use it with a 42" plow in the winter to plow after I've snowblowed with the Crapsman...and to haul that new dump cart I built around....so I figured an 11hp should do the job. But here's where I'm running into problems....the wiring from the alternator 'stator' on the 11hp engine is a single-wire...whereas the old 16 hp engine had a two-wire stator....which means that the wiring harness is also two wire. I know that one of the wires is solely for the headlight circuit....and the other wire I can safely plug into the single-wire stator....but which one, the red or green wire ? I plugged the wire from the stator into the red wire of the wiring harness (with the switch off) and I got a heavy duty spark (which I assume indicates that it's the wrong one).....but I'd like to be sure before I burn up the wiring harness (and not for the first time) And can I run those lights right off the battery, or are they solely designed to run A/C ? And if not, do they make replacement bulbs that ARE Direct Current (of the same dimensions) And lastly, I do not see a wire from the wiring harness that I can connect to the cut-off wire to the magneto....what can I use ? Thanks in advance for your help, guys !

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