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Why do I always have to clean things.

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Well yesterday I was getting all pumped up because I was getting a new 42 deck and snowthrower for my B-10. Engine was cold and I pushed it out to the driveway sprayed it down with gumout and let it sit. After 15 mins I brake out my electric pressure washer and go to town on her. I get down in the engine base in by the driveshaft and just about all over her. I start her up let her run for about ten mins and no problem. I go out this morning and she turns over but takes about 20 seconds to catch. It usually fires up in like 2 seconds. Well anyway once I got her going I had to choke her then after a few mins it settle down but I notice just a hint of smoke on the regulator that sits on top of the engine. 9 hours later go back in tonight and it will turn over but will not sputter at all. I removed the plug spayed either and still nothing. Like I said Im new to this whole thing and would like to know how to trouble shoot this and what steps to follow to determine what it is I broke.B) Thanks again for any help. PS: I will never use a pressure washer on a motor again.:(

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