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Was sent this great info on hitches.

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I had two hitches and didn't know what they were for. Maynard sent me this valuable informaiton. I thought it might be of interest to some other novices on line. I now know what I have. I also have a tractor for each hitch. Thanks Maynard. The long hitch is 25 inches long and 10 1/4 inches between the tabs. The short one is 13 inches long and 7 1/2 inches between the tabs. Hope this helps. The rod in the short hitch pictures I just stuck through there so I wouldn't lose the rod. larry ----- Replied Message ----- The short hitch is for the small frame tractors Simplicity Broadmoor, 4000, 5000 6000 series, Allis chalmers 400, 500, 800 series. The long hitch is for the large frame tractors Simplicity 725, Landlord 9hp, Landlord 101, 2010, 2012, 2110, 2210, 3012, 3112, 3200 series, 3300 series, 3400 series, 7000 series 7100 series Sovereign series GTH-L series. Allis chalmers B-1, B-10, Big10, B-100 series, B-200 Series, 700 series, 900 series.

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