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3300 series Vickers to Sundstrand conversion

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Gearing up to work over a 3310H to run my bachtold type weedmower attachment. I am going to swap out the leaky vickers for a Sundstrand. Question I have is has anyone ever tried to drive the roll pins out of the pump control shaft to try and hook up the original vickers control lever assemblies? Wondering what the safest way would be to drive the pins out without bending or damaging the control shaft on the pumps? The last time I attempted to use the vickers controls on a sundstrand I made a go between pivot shaft that gave the vickers short throw lever assembly more travel to operate the sundstrand control shaft. At the time I didnmt thik it worked, because the tractor was jumpy and not smooth in operation. Only after I scrapped my handiwork did I find out that the system I engineered did work. It was the fact that the bolts on the BGB were loose that was causing the jump and jerkiness.XX( Oh well.. I just thought it would be nice to simply drive the roll pins out and hook up the entire vickers control system the way its supposed to be this time around. Besides, I 'm looking for something unique to try and engineer.

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