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Bad Governor?

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I added a late 60's Landlord in my collection last fall. I have just been getting into the tractor and have some questions for all of you. I am worndering if the governor is bad on the motor. Here is what the tractor does: I have the carb adjusted right where it needs to be. It is very hard to get the throttle to a position that the engine likes. It is either way too fast running or too slow and the engine wants to die. And I mean if you move the throttle 1/16" of an inch either way. Also when going down a hill the engine will rev up way too high. The governor is supposed to control this I thought. So do you guys think it could be the governor? Also if it is what steps would I do to correct it? Do I have to pull the motor and go inside and swap out? Or is there a fix I can do while the engine is on the tractor? Thanks, GR-Made

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