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So now Gremlins are fixing things?

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I've had more than my fair share of gremlins fouling things up on me for seemingly no good reason. Yesterday, I rolled the 7016 out of the shed to go over governor settings and maybe play with the carb adjustments to solve a horrible sputtering/erratic idle/popping/stalling/ you name it issues. For grins and giggles I try and start it before I pull the carb--mainly to see if the gas would still burn after sitting, and she runs like a charm! What the heck?? Oh--I had to play with the idle jet, but she's running really smoothly. This has been sitting since Nov., since we had such a cold winter. I didn't even touch the thing. This is a first. Now I'm just going to park my LL where the 7016 was sitting--let's see if they can square that one away too.

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