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progress on my 7117

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Got the 7117 that I brought home running but the carb linkage was homemade and not right. Found a kohler parts supplier that got me the missing linkage piece which came with a new governor rod. The spring on the right side of the carb I don't think is the right one either as when the idle is all the way down, with the spring on it just wants to run at high throttle. With the spring off it will idle down. it's like the spring is too stiff or not the right length or something. Gonna order a new one of those, and then I should have all the right linkage. Also, noticed oil was leaking badly behind what is called in the parts manual the rear closure plate. It was leaking on the left side of the very top bolt where the seal is so I will probably have to replace that seal also. I know I'll get crap as this is a series 1 KT 17 engine, but it seems to run ok, so as long as it runs, I'm gonna keep trying to fix it. It just makes me wonder why it would leak at the top like that, but after looking at the schematics of the engine, it looks like the oil is pressurized up to the cam behind that cover on the top and maybe the oil pressure and the old seal is what made it leak?! Am I right on that? Hopefully once I get a new seal, I can get it back together and running and then see how the tranny etc. is.

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