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Rear Blower

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Several years ago I got an old Sears snow blower attachment. I checked it out and it rotates the right way so that if you mounted it to the rear of a tractor it would work. I never ended up doing the "Push-me-Pull-you" blower project and at this point in my life I honestly never will. If anyone were to do it, it would give you a blower on both ends so that you could blow in forward or reverse. I'd recommend having only one blower engaged at a time, so you would blow while driving forward then disengage the front unit, engage the rear unit, and blow while backing up. This way you would not need to turn around or back up without clearing any snow. Anyhow, it's sitting out on the scrap pile but if anyone wants it you can have it for free. I have not checked it out but it will most likely need a good going over at the least, possibly new bearings or at least repacking them, and paint if you want it to look pretty or match your tractor. The current color is white/rust. It is available on a "first one to get here and load it up gets it" basis, and will not be going to the scrap yard until I get through sorting out all the other stuff. Any takers?

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