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throttle linkage picture on 7117 kt17 series 1

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Got all the parts I have been missing on my 7117 to get it back together. I was missing some linkage pieces and got it all ordered up. I have what I think is the last spring to put on but I think something is still wrong with it. The throttle cable comes up on the right side of the carb to a lever. From the lever there is a spring that goes to the governor linkage. On the opposite side of the carb is the other end of the governor linkage with a rod that goes back to the carb to open the carb up. When I put it all together with the spring the last time, no matter which position the throttle was in, the engine wanted to run at full throttle and not idle down, so I have something wrong. I was wondering if someone had a picture of what I need to do correctly. I got this tractor and the air cleaner was off and the linkage was all apart. I don't know how it is supposed to be originally and was looking for some guidance. If I can figure it out, I will post a picture of what I have done thus far. Thanks.

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