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There is nothing finer than a motor that runs properly. A few weeks ago, I posted some questions about replacing the points plunger on a 10hp horizontal B&S. I was also in the middle of a carb rebuild. The motor on my 70's 7010 had done the job for 9 years, but everything needed work at one time. The last variable that let everything fall into place was the idle speed. I was surfing Zippo Varga's videos (linked to by a contributor here) and came across tuning advice. Once I got the idle speed down (it was always fast since I owned it), I was able to get the mixture right. I am not experienced at tuning motors, and it was frustrating at first that it was not successful. When done, I had trouble cold starting until I realized the throttle now needs to be opened some, because I decreased the idle so much. Now I can enjoy all the work I put into the ignition and the carb. I smile everytime I mow the lawn, and I hope this thing lasts another 10 years. Thanks again for everyone who offered tips and advice.

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