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Paint Codes

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Just found this on YTMag.com The paint codes shown below are not the original (OEM) paint codes, but are their modern-day equivalents. Many paint companies changed the code numbers when paint ingredients and technology progressed. If you are real concerned about the color, or matching a particular color already on your tractor, you might want to request a paint sample or chip from the company for comparison. The paints shown below should be available from any farm or ag store that carries Dupont or TISCO brand items. Tractor Color Paint Code Available From AC Persian Orange, 29047 Dulux DuPont AC Yellow 421 Dulux DuPont AC Persian Orange, TP280 TISCO AC Cream TP270 TISCO AC Green TP380 TISCO Case Flambeau Red 066DH DuPont Case Flambeau Red TP140 DuPont Case Desert Sunset TP580 TISCO Case Power Red TP890 TISCO CAT Cat Yellow H7947 Dulux DuPont CAT Highway Yellow 421 DuPont CAT Cat Yellow TP170 TISCO Cletrac Orange 017 Dulux DuPont JD Green 262 Dulux DuPont JD Yellow 263 Dulux DuPont JD Industrial Yellow 43007 Dulux DuPont JD Green TP210 TISCO JD Yellow TP190 TISCO JD Industrial Yellow TP530 TISCO Ford Modern Dark Blue 29509 DuPont Ford Ford Gray 29665 DuPont Ford Empire Blue TP360 TISCO Ford Industrial Yellow TP760 TISCO Ford Light Gray TP330 TISCO Ford Medium Gray TP240 TISCO Ford Red TP310 TISCO IH IHC Red 7410 Dulux DuPont IH Red TP110 TISCO IH Off-White TP900 TISCO MF Red 77932 Dulux DuPont MF Gray 652 DuPont MF Gray TP230 TISCO MF Metallic Flint Gray TP320 TISCO MF Silver Mist Gray TP750 TISCO MF Red TP300 TISCO MF Industrial Yellow TP540 TISCO MM Prairie Gold 006 Dulux DuPont Oliver Green 019 or 030 DuPont Oliver Green TP220 TISCO White Blue G8164 DuPont

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