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9020 Powermax brakes

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Okay Men, I took the brakes apart. What a lot of crap and rust and stuff in there! No wonder they did not work. Also, 2 of the springs were broken and one was stretched. A good case for wearing safety glasses; when I was taking off a broken brake spring, it snapped, shot up and hit me in the eye. There was grease on my eyelid, so good reflexes, but I'm writing with a blurry left eye right now. Also, the link assembly yoke and actuating link are pretty froze up. BTW, I forgot to have my digital camera out there to take pictures! Robert E, you have taken these apart...looks like I need 3 new springs...might as well do all 4, and some jam nuts, studs, and link assemblies. My dealer can get springs for $21...sheesh! most other parts do not show up as available on web sites I've checked. Anyone have any idea's used or otherwise? Also, the disc assemblies are worn smooth but $134 for new ones. Now I know why people part these out $$$$! Paul, guess I'll be a brake expert....Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rob -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rob300

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