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looking for some info. please help

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Hey guys, well, my new to me landlord runs great now! but unfortantly it is in need of some repair in the drive. axle tube is welded up, but no clue if its good or not. I was driving it around and stopped, and a few minutes later started out in first gear and felt something give, then i rolled backwards with way to go forwards. I took the differential hub and gears and the other associated parts off of the axle shaft. cleaned everything, and only problem i can find is a slightly worn woodruff key and only one, thinking maybe it needs two. also, i need a diagram of the differntal, transmission and anything else that would be in that area. A good parts breakdown, and any info would be greatly appreciated. i tried the search and found some topics, but nothing exactly what i am looking for, i may have not looked under the right words. this is for a three speed transmission landlord 101. please and thank you. i have spare unit if needed, but would like to see if this one could be fixed cheaply enough that i won't need to use that one. thanks! For some reason i cannot resize pictures the right size to post them. I have pictures, but not sure as to why i cannot post them.

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