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How do I remove the shaft(s) from a7013S BGB?

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Hi, I have a 1975 7013S that I bought new from JC Penny. While mowing the other day, I sheard the driven shaft where the bolt that holds the PTO Cone Clutch Group together. So I figure I'll have to buy a driven shaft kit, part number 1685054. Two things. Is that the correct kit number and how do I remove the shaft(s) from the Bevel Gear Housing? I'll try and post a picture of the BGB. I have it off the tractor. Thanks for listening! Gale

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Any competent machinist could chuck that in a lathe, face, center drill, drill, tap, and install a stud, threaded rod etc. for a fraction of the cost. I can reccomend a good one in Northern New England. Good Luck, :D

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If you do spend the $87 on a new shaft, you may have to replace the cone clutch cap/clutch. The later tractors used a larger 3/4" nut to hold the cap in place. Your threads look like the smaller size. Maybe someone has one laying around.

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