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7117 PTO clutch group assembly - help

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Well I thought I would remember how it would go back together after I took it a part, but now I am not so sure. On the PTO side, there are two retainer rings. My book shows the first retainer ring goes on the shaft prior to putting on the inside guide, spring & outside guide in that order. It seems like that retainer ring is keeping the inside guide from hitting the side plate creating space between the them. Before the retainer ring is a seal that taps into the BGB. However, as I was putting everything back together, I noticed that the side plate had a shinny ring around the hole and worn away the paint and even some metal surface is slightly indented. Does the retainer ring keep the inside guide from coming in contact with the side plate and if so, then is it possible that before I started taking it all apart that my retainer ring came out of its slot and the inside guide was rubbing up against the side plate and which was causing my PTO to work properly? That's one of the reasons why I tore into it in the first place. I thought it was just the clutch plate assembly needed replaced and the brake shoe lining had all worn out. I saw black smoke as I engaged the clutch. I thought my shoe lining had all worn away. It tuned out that I think I had just enough brake lining to continue working, i.e. no metal to metal contact. So I never knew where the black smoke was coming from. Any help is appreciated.

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