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Belts are not a healthy diet...

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at least to my wallet. The problem; I have a 5116 that I picked up primarily to generate some fund money. Previous owner complained it ate mower drive belts so I picked up a Simplicity belt for $35.00 and after looking over the deck, cleaning up the pulleys, all 5 of them, and not seeing any glaring problems, I installed it and it broke that belt withing 3 minutes. It also took out the belt guard fingers and the hanger assembly at the front pulley. The belt actually broke, it didn't shred and rip, it has clean, almost squared off breaks. I then bought new fingers, new hanger, new belt...rechecked all the belt finger clearances, polished all the pulleys, and in less than 5 feet after engaging the mower it too is in pieces, bur less damage to the mower. I, previous to the first belt mounting, checked all the linkages to factory specs, looked over all the belt stop fingers, and thought it was ok then, after this latest fiasco, I'm about ready to part it out. Can anyone offer up any suggestions as to why the belts go up so fast? Can anyone point me in a direction that may lead to an answer...this one has me riding my Wheel Horse. And to answer the first question that will come up, with no belt on the mower all the spindles turn free, like no resistance at all...go figure Boox

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I had an idler pulley once that felt just a tiny bit loose and spun fine with no load but would lock up as soon as a load was put on it. Bummer on them belts! Good luck, Larry

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