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6216 - wont start after running problem?

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Well I have been going over my 6216 to get it ready for sale. Everything seems to be working fine except one thing. When I am cutting the lawn, I noticed that if I turn it off and then try to start it up again, while it is hot, it wont start. If I let it cool down and try to start it up the next day it starts right up. One time when it quit on me, I took some starting fluid and sprayed it into the carburetor but it did not start, then I spayed some into the spark plug hole and she started right up. My first thought is that the carburetor/fuel pump needs to be rebuilt. I do notice a little back fire sometimes when the engine is shut off after running for some time. But if the engine will not start after being hot, then I was wondering if there is some vapor lock and the fuel pump is not working properly. Also, another problem is it is difficult to get into neutral at times. I have tried to adjust the nut that holds down the neutral safety switch onto the little plate that is connected to the gearshift. The neutral safety switch has a ball bearing in it that must fit into the hole of that plate. When the transmission is in neutral, the ball bearing fits into the hole sending a signal electronically that will allow the starter to turn. After adjusting, I still find it difficult to get into neutral, so I assume something is wearing out preventing it from getting into neutral position. Does anyone have any experience in this area? It is the original switch in the tractor. Has anyone had a similar experience and had to replace any parts, and if so, what did you have to replace. Thanks, MR

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Have somewhat of the same issue with my 5212.5. Changed coil out and it still would not like to start hot. Let cool, and no problem. Did put a new set of plugs in after a bit of Seafoam cleaning, and seems better. Have not really tried often to restart hot, but has improved. Since I cut evenings, it get put away for the night. Carb looks clean, and turns over fine. I could smell the gas, so thinking more spark issue than carb. And since I'm working on my 6216, will be following the replies. Thanks, have a great day.

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1 - Only time that happened on mine was when I needed to rebuild a fuel pump,new gas cap,new fuel filter, and make sure your fuel line is run correctly...Guessing you checked for all the other heat problems already. Also the engine needs to turn at a certain rpm in order for the magnatron ignition to work. 2 - Do you mean (neutral) for start up? Just for starters.... Chris

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Chris My fist guess is that it is the fuel pump, so I am going to order carb. kit with fuel pump components and see what happens. The fuel filter is new. Since it was getting spark when I tried to start it up, I figured it had to be a fuel problem. Yes, neutral for start up. The neutral safety switch clips on the Switch Interlock under the seat. The switch interlock is secured to a bracket which is bolted to the frame. This bracket can be adjusted in left to right direction. When you do that, the interlock switch, that has the bearing in it moves over another bracket with a hole in it. That bracket is connected to the gearshift. So, when you move the gearshift the bracket with the hole moves across the ball bearing in the interlock switch. When the bearing sets in the middle of the hole it will be considered neutral. If it is not in the hole, the bearing is compressed in and the switch is in off position. I am not sure if it is a problem with the interlock switch or the bracket( the book calls it a Lever, switch). So you have the following components: 1. neutral safety switch 2. interlock switch 3. Bracket to switch 3. Lever to switch 4. Gear shift lever 5. transmission It has to be a problem in one or more of the above that makes it difficult to get into neutral position. I am going to go back and see if the tractor is in neutral position, when I have the gear shift in place. It may be in neutral but the switch components are telling the engine that it is not and therefore will not start.

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I had a 5116 with the not start when warm issue that turned out to be a bad case of vapor lock. It would never do it to me in the winter for obvious reasons. What I found was that some tractors I saw had insulation around the fuel supply line from the fuel filter all the way through the head and to the carburator. Installing that peice of insulation solved the problem for me. As for the neutral safety issue. It's pretty typical for this kind of safety switch and the problem could either lie in the linkage or the interlock switch. You can try the switch first just because it will be the easiest (make sure it's oriented the correct way when you reinstall, it is possible to put it in wrong. I learned that the hard way.) and it may solve your problem. If it doesn't I'd look at some way to tighten up all your linkage connections somehow. My 6218 does the same thing but I just wiggle the gear shift lever until it engages.

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