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Junk Seats ......

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Up to this point I've been lucky to have good seats on all my tractors. This weekend picked up 2 very servicable tractors with completely junked seats. I've seen nice looking covers for the pan seats on the fdt's. But, what can you do with the newer style seat? Are there repair materials still available or do you just have to go out and replace it with a newer/nicer one????

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Here's what I did.

1. Strip the old cover off, saving the binding around the edge. 2. Cut seperate pcs of 2" high density foam, one for the bottom, one for the back. 3. Glue the foam to the seat pan with 3M spray adhesive. 4. Sew up a cover from 3 pcs of vinyl, bottom, back, and edge. 5. Install new cover attaching it with the binding salvaged from the old cover. This process could certainly be perfected, but it is servicable on the first attempt. John U

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